OUR Services

Design for your home.

With over 17 years experience with home design of all shapes and sizes, from San Diego to Northern California, Mayberry Workshop designs for functionality of use as well as experience from the inhabitants.



Development Feasibility 

With unique Post-Graduate studies in Development, we use our design savvy and training to add value in three dimensions...not just on a spreadsheet. We partner with land owners to evaluate development potential with a pro forma, and create investment packages for our investment team.




Accessory Dwelling Units

Granny Flats, Secondary Units, Backyard Cottages; perfect for rental income, Aging in Place, or the ultimate guest suite. Mayberry Workshop is an expert in San Jose regulations, and has evaluated properties for homeowners throughout the Bay Area.


Food Service Design

We have designed numerous food service facilities for local small businesses, and we believe that these small cafes, shops and restaurants are what makes a city, a community. Let us know how our talents can help your business thrive.