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ARCHITECTURE & Development

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About the name

Generations of Craftsman

Mayberry Workshop is named after our Great-Grandfather's workshop behind our family home in Massachusetts, where he was a carpenter and model maker. As you know, "Mayberry" is synonymous with "Community". We work with you to create places to live, work and play in Silicon Valley. We are a Workshop. We iterate and explore possibilities. Our approach is to have the Architecture lead the development and construction processes - to add value and prioritize light & space


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Adam is a rare blend of artist and realist. He adds a very unique set of eyes to a development project; deeply in tune with what modern buyers and renters want yet able to maneuver through bureaucratic blocks. He marries this balanced perspective with creative problem solving and efficient execution making him a valuable contributor to any development project.
— Lance Tate, Managing Member, FortBay, LLC, and Urban West, LLC
It’s true that Adam’s eye for design is pleasing. However, Adam’s true value is his ability to solve problems, and manage projects. He is involved every step of the process from initial design through, if requested, completion. Adam makes the complicated - uncomplicated.
— Wallace Chane, CEO & Founder of METIS Real Estate
Adam is deeply committed to creating a San Jose that welcomes all, honors history and culture, and is beautiful to look at. He is an important voice in the next wave for San Jose.
— Jenny Niklaus, Chief Impact Officer, American Leadership Forum Silicon Valley
Adam helped transform our small take out pizzeria into a fun modern restaurant. He lead the way on design, permits, and health approval.
— Fouad Elian, Owner Bibo's NY Pizza
Adam is a creative genius who gave us the blueprint with which we built out our cafe. In took only a couple of meetings, but he fully understood our needs and created a design that surpassed our expectations. Now, we constantly get complimented about the aesthetic of our shop
— Lauren & Sam, Voyager Craft Coffee
Adam knows how to put a dream into motion. He’s really good at taking an outside the box idea and coaxing it into reality.
— Heinz Jones, Forager Tasting Room
Adam is great and has helped us navigate the difficult and arduous task of getting our nascent restaurant that we opened up in 2016 compliant with all city and county regulations, licenses and requirements. It’s always difficult starting a new restaurant, however it was made a lot easier with Adam’s professional advice and guidance. Everything from conceptual design of our restaurant to dealing with city agencies on our behalf. Very thankful for Adam’s expertise in helping us get our restaurant off the ground
— Long V. Nguyen, Co-Owner, Park Station Hashery



It starts with all of us working as a team. Client, Architect, Contractor - we will create a vision and ethos for the project from the very beginning and carry that through our decisions making processes until the keys are handed over or the ribbon is cut.




Adam S. Mayberry, AIA

I want to be hands on, designing, building and shaping spaces in real time. I can sketch and 3D model for hours, but nothing is as important to me as experiencing a space through the process. As an Architect with over 15 years experience in the profession, I’m trained to transform the space you envision in your mind into a reality, and as it progresses something uniquely special, which you may not know was possible will come to life. 



1074 Myrtle St San Jose CA-large-002-1-Front Corner View-1500x1000-72dpi.jpg
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